A Discordant Assembly of Oddities

Where a silly world unfolds in a community-driven simulated spectator sport, blending collective consensus with strategy and chance in an oddball universe.

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Opening Pitch: What is DAOball?

DAOball is a community-driven experiment in world-building and competition through a simulated sport that draws inspiration from baseball. It focuses on collective decision-making, where teams come together to shape the narrative and influence the outcomes of matches, emphasizing a communal experience over individual control. This imaginative approach invites players to partake in a shared journey, crafting a whimsical sports universe together.

  • Spectate or Get Involved: Engage as a spectator, predicting match outcomes and joining the social media conversation, or dive deeper as a team co-owner, collaborating with the community to make strategic decisions.
  • Simulated Sport: At its core, DAOball is a simulated sport inspired by baseball, offering an engaging blend of strategy and unpredictability, where the outcomes of matches hinge on community choices.
  • Community-Driven Service: The vision is rooted in continuous growth and true decentralization using blockchain technology, with the community at the helm of shaping the game’s journey through collaboration, contribution and shared governance‚Äč‚Äč.
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Open Community Teams

In DAOball, each team operates through a collective decision-making model, where fans and members have a direct impact on team strategies and gameplay decisions. This model fosters a sense of shared ownership and collaboration, bringing fans closer to the teams they support. A team’s co-owners give a team its personality by making key decisions that impact them and the league.

  • Shared Ownership: Team co-owners have a direct say in team management, from player recruitment to match strategies, fostering a sense of collective responsibility and shared success.
  • Open Team Model: Teams are open to the community, with co-ownership opportunities available to anyone interested in participating.
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Choice Entropy: Chaos vs Order

The every team decision shifts the Entropy balance and influences the experience’s choices and outcomes. Teams and players have to weigh the benefits and costs of each choice, from the way of Chaos to the way of Order

  • Chaos: Choices that prioritize self-interest, immediate gains, or disruptive strategies contribute to chaos. These actions might offer short-term advantages but can lead to unpredictable outcomes and a more volatile game environment.
  • Order: Decisions that benefit the collective, promote teamwork, or follow established strategies strengthen order. Such actions typically result in more predictable and stable outcomes, fostering a sense of community and shared success.
  • Community Impact: Every team decision, from strategic plays to interactions with other teams, tips the scales between chaos and order, influencing not just the immediate match but the game’s evolving narrative.
  • Balancing Act: Teams must navigate this spectrum wisely, balancing the allure of chaos with the stability of order to achieve their goals. The dynamic interplay between these forces makes DAOball a deeply strategic and engaging experience.
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Spectator Sport: Community Engagement

The simulated sport is just the central place for the community to engage and interact. The game is designed to be a social experience, with a strong emphasis on community engagement and interaction. The game’s world building unfolds through a mix of social media and community-driven content.

  • Community Interaction: DAOballs events and world building are shaped by the community, with spectators and team owners collaborating to create a rich, whimsical universe.
  • Social Media: The experience, like any sport, will unfold across social media from both official and fan channels.
  • Community Contributions: Fans and team owners can contribute to the game’s lore, characters, and events, adding depth and richness to the game’s universe.
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Who is behind the development?

EdjCase is small team of developers and designers who are passionate about Web3 and the Internet Computer. All of our work is open source and want to grow the ecosystem by building fun and engaging experiences.